I Love The Mystery

that surrounds anything paranormal. i have been fascinated with the paranormal since I was around nineteen, maybe twenty. I like to watch shows like Ghost Hunters, The Haunted, Fact or Faked, and Paranormal Witness. I find it absolutely fascinating even if we never know the answers to our questions, the possibilities are endless. Do I believe ghosts and demons really exist, you better believe I do. There has been so many things caught on tape not to make one wonder, I am a little skeptical about some things. In this day and age technology makes t so easy to fake things that are not real. I have to believe that for the most part, there is something more to life than just an end. I see nothing wrong with having hope. I do see something wrong with giving up and having no hope at all. There is so much mystery surrounding this very topic, and every one has their own opinions. I think that when someone can convince a skeptic, there must be something worth investigating...........................
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I definitely believe in ghosts and demons......I have see both with my own eyes.....I've encounters with the devil himself and he's not red with horns and a tail and pitchfork.....I've been able to see them since I was a child and I think part of that is due to the fact I died when I was 4.....I drowned and was brought back and that's why I believe I'm so in touch with spiritual realm....In fact I have at least 2 ghosts who live with me....They aren't evil though so I don't worry about it.....I have also seen angels, so I know it all exists whether other people believe me/it or not.....Sometimes it isn't good, but I've learned how to live with it.....

That would be both interesting..........and maybe at times over loading.........but I also believe that there are things.,.we are not meant to understand........Thank you.........

i agree with you both... i find it fascinating...too many things that cannot be explained in 'real world' terms, there is definitely more out there... Brun that is very interesting about your experiences from a young age... i'm sure there were spirits in one of my childhood homes. you can sometimes just sense the energy about a place and know right away when something feels different

Thank you, I believe we have all had some kind of interaction, even if we don't know it. Think back of some of the times you felt like you were being watched, and there was no one there but you.....Creepy thought isn't it ??


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