Dr Michio Kaku

I learned how cool Dr Kaku is from his guest visits to art bell's radio show CoastToCoast. He made everything so interesting. I was watching him on the science channel, he has his own show, but i canceled my cable, so i dont see him anymore. He is one very interesting dude. =)
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And he can ice skate too.

I listen to his shows and see his videos... I love Michio Kaku.... he really makes "science fun"

Kaku is AMAZING! I <3 him!! His foresight is unfathomable!! <br />
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YouTube him!!! There are thousands of clips!! =D<br />
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no, but now i want to!!!

He is interesting and I would enjoy taking his college classes. It is a great era to be alive and to see all of the discoveries being made in science.

yes! i have 3 books about it. one is all photos.

Yes I think I did. Is that the ship that got stuck in the ice going to the anartic.?

i started reading more about the P E after i saw the movie, which was great in my opinion. but it seemed so convoluted i just got confused so i moved on. ever read about the endurance, ernest shakleton's voyage.....?

Yes it was awesome. I got laid off in November, bummer<br />
The cool part was that it was only 6 miles from home, and no freeways.<br />
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I understand that in the Philadelphia Experiment they were trying to set up simple harmonics using radio waves to make the ship stealth. However what happened is they time traveled.<br />
I read where the entire east coast went into a black out because they used so much energy. They were trying to use some of "Teslas" notes. Pretty Awesome stuff.

they were delivering the hiroshema bomb and were torpedoed by a japanese uboat. secret mission never were reported missing. horrifing story. <br />
also the endurance, very interesting. <br />
the philadelphia experiment was very thought provoking. what a cool job that must have been.

Well I have read several stories and seen the special on the cable program about the Philadelphia experiment. My last job I worked with Microwave energy systems and stealth technology, it was fun.<br />
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The Indianapolis was the ship in radio silence that was sunk in the middle of no where,?

well, hmmm, i miss watching him. i am interested in this and neumerous other things. i get interested in a subject i try to learn about it. like voyage of the uss indianapolis, to name but one. dr. kaku is why i became interested in theoretical physics.

I am very surprised anyone on here would be interested in that sort of thing!<br />
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It is sort of up my alley!<br />

Agree! He is very interesting.

I have seen hima few times, he makes some interesting observations