I Am F****** Off That I Have No One To Talk To About This Stuff !!!!

I am sorry if any one finds the title offensive , i by no means mean to be , however there comes a time in one's life that i get so frustrated with friends and family that i am fit to burst, why don't they want to know why we are here , why are they not interested in theoretical physics , why are they not interested in a holographic universe ? well maybe i do know but that just makes it even worse. I am just sick of trying to talk about things that are so important to the earth , not just me , and its wearing on me. I am 38 years old and for 20 of those years i have tried my hardest to engage with any one that would **** an ear to me , about theoretical physics , the big bang any number of things that are so important to our being but the only topic i can ever talk about with out eyes glazing over is defending the fecking moon landings and i am sick **** of it .I want to reach out to you guys , i want a conversation about a holographic universe not why a flag waves in 0 g and i dont want to bring up a multi universe with out people looking for the exits, i honestly in 20 years of searching have not been able to have one conversation about any topic to do with theoretical physics so i have come on line to vent my frustration.
So that in mind
Question: if i am in a room with a door adjoining to another room , there is absolutely nothing alive in those rooms except me in one room , i turn away from the door frame , is that door frame now in wave form , if the answer is yes , if i get a flask of bacteria and pour it over the door frame and then turn my back is it then? I am just trying to get my head around the concept of a holographic universe and the act of observation on matter and what is regarded as a observation .As i see it as the bacteria observe the door frame but if there is nothing alive to observe it , it is then a wave form . am i close or am i way off . If any one can help me its much appreciated. Thanks.
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Well not everyone goes for the holographic universe, but i know one mystic who actually throught one new agey physics book actually explained things very well, in terms of things being 'layered', i guess as some theory of magic....

but some like or dislike stuff like Bohm, or Fred Alan Wolff, or the Dancing Wu Li Masters or Tao of Physics etc etc

but there's tons of physics books out there, pin down what books you read and got certain ideas from, and well, i always got the impression people talked about physics if it was in a pop science books.

I remember being young and this old man radio announcer always bought these scientifical book of the month things, and Godel Escher Bach, six months of off and on chats about it, Penrose, The Emperor's New Mind, a year off and on about it, he read that one twice, back to back, and left the creepiest margin notes to it...

it's odd but that's when i saw people talk physics, either this month's scientific american or a new scientifical book of the month club stuff, people in school are too busy with school to talk about the fun stuff...

oh yeah and sometimes people talked about the new NOVA show on PBS, but i think the show was better in the 70s and 80s and wished it was all out on DVD, complete sets, or in total reruns more

and now people cant afford cablevision for seeing tv now too

me too

I am not exactly interested with theoretical physics however I do understand ur frustration, I'm desperate to have a stimulating conversation with someone about the creation of earth, and why is it that fossil records cant expain it completely, evolutionary theory cannot exist without hard facts & there are none. I'm also deeply interested in volcanic activity, oh and have you ever googled the cave of crystals its my favorite.

me too