I Say Try It

From the time i was little. when they told me i shouldn't do it , i have had to see why?  It is part of self discovery. Try it all you might like it. If you dont , then don't do it again. but give it a hundred percent before you close off from it. Taboo can be anything. Anything sexy, naughty,dirty. If they say its not normal. they are lying. they just dont want toadmit they like it. hee hee you might like it
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That is so very true!

I agree with all of you..I love being around like-minded people

I have to agree with you. I think it is very true.

:) Yes toneeannenthon - that's exactly how my mind works to.

It is the excitement of doing something that they say is wrong and wanting to try your self to find out if it is wrong.

I have to agree. Go figure...

O-o-o, hate it when they say so. Society dictates its demands we have to follow to, cause its easier to control people this way. and i believe that some of these "not to do" are vestiges of the past. Although they will never do away((( but who knows...

Yep! I don't suppose they're lying about it being not normal, but I do wonder why folks say don't do it!

If somebody says its wrong or I shouldnt then I definitely want to try it. Especially sexual stuff which is mostly what taboos are anyway