Tornado Lover

since i was little i would always chase storms. i have been through 5 in my life but still have yet to see an F5.

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1 Response Feb 21, 2009

I am also super fasinated by tornadoes, and still I have yet to see one. I watch every episode of Storm Chasers, because the sheer power of tornadoes memsmerize me! I am only 13, and yet whe I get older I want to be a meteorologist. Not just tornadoes, but weather in general and storms excite me too. I love to listen to the pitter-patter of rain, or watch the pitch-black storm clouds roll in, anticipating the nights events. But the most exciting part is when the sirens start to blare. When I was younger I used to pack a "tornado bag" for I wished to see one so bad. Now, I'm not saying that the devestation isn't crippling or harmfull, because of course every year there are tornadoes/storms that claim the lives of innocent people, but that something can get that big and strong just by the warm and cold air flows? When I get older, I hope to move to Oklahoma, and chase tornadoes from May- August, but if I do become a meteorologist it would be difficult with my job and such. I hope to hear back from you, and sorry if there is some spelling errors, I'm terrible at spelling. XD