Why Does It Change?

I wonder how our handwriting actually evolves over time?  We all start out doing the same copy lessons in school, but little by little it changes and everyone ends up with totally different handwriting.  Some of it is lack of patience.  People don't take the time to actually write - they just scrawl.  Some people try to make their handwriting beautiful with little extra whirls and twirls.    I always tried to have perfect penmanship when I was a little girl because my grandmother had been a teacher and became almost totally deaf.  I had to communicate with her by writing notes and she was always so proud of my penmanship.   Now I have a half print/ half script way of writing.  It still looks nice, but it's different.  My signature is kind of big and loopy and I write out every letter.   I noticed my brother's the other day has become just a couple lines with a loop at the beginning.  What happened?  It would be an interesting subject to study.

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i've always been fascinated by handwriting styles too. being the perfectionist i am, i have always strove for flawless penmanship as well. i'm sorry to say that over the years i've kinda given up on that, and am guilty of basically scribbling at times now, but i'm forever trying to neaten and improve it. it's amazing when i look back at old notebooks or school projects and see just how much my writing has evolved over the years!

You should study it! I can tell you are really interested in it. <br />
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I have a handwriting confession for you-I cannot write in cursive. In grade school I had a teacher who would smack my hands with a ruler when my loops were not perfect. She would rip up my homework, or ridicule my handwriting in front of the class. After that teacher, I never had a teacher that required that I write in cursive, so I never wrote it again.