Well went to my bed as nackered as normal last night and quickly fell asleep but was woken by my hair getting pulled at th front but as usual noone there my heart did start to beat a bit faster bacause it is quite scary when $hit like this happens because  it better not pester my sleeping child in the next room. Mabe its a spider fell into my hair,im thinking but it was definatley a pull and spiders dont do that, well i went back to sleep then the back of my hair got pulled so i said the lords prayer and i had no more hair pulling,  i hada great sleep.
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Do you think that your visitor may be the spirit of a young child? Sometimes they just don't know how to move on...

There was more to this story, there was a small child shadow ran along the bottom of the bed towards my bedroom door, i got up and opened my curtains and my child has been in my bed since this happened, it spooked me to think she was in there with this strange happening going on in my house.

Is there anyone local to you who can lead a 'rescue circle' and help the spirit to move on? I only know someone in UK...

I am no expert in the paranormal,. I am just as you, have experienced it,. Sounds to me, whatever it is, want your attention and wants you to notice it! :( Like an intelligent haunting,. <br />
As you say, you said the "Lords prayer"! and thankfully that worked and it left you alone! . Do you know the history of your home? How old it is? who lived there before! you!?? I don't like it either! but i find it so!!! fascintating! <br />
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May i thank you so much for sharing your post! my darling girl! :D :D

I know a little of its past,dare i dig anymore, i purified my home before i moved in as it needed it due to previous owner.
I think i will give it a good going over with sage and holy water, im sure that will rid it of this Paranormal Annoyance

i know people who have the gift to be able to project their spirits in their sleep maybe your child might be playing and think its a dream.