Day 3

Today is the start of the third day of my water fast.  I plan on doing the rest of July and all of August.  The reasons I want to fast are for weight loss, cleansing and general improvement of health.  Today I have felt a bit shaky and tired.  I am so missing food too.  I really want to eat something.  However I know the effort will be worth it.   

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3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

When you plan a fast, don't give yourself such a large goal as that. That's a very lengthy fast. Take it a few days at a time. <br />
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"I'll go three days", then if you accomplish that, "I'll go this week", then so on.<br />
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When you say, "I'm going to fast a month" you're telling your mind that you're going to be deprived and already putting so much pressure on yourself.

LOL im sorry to laugh it just casught me off card that u gave up. <br />
But hey ur doing a great job u made it 3 days :)<br />
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Why dont u take it slow do a liquid diet instead of just water.<br />
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good luck

I gave up and ate this morning :-(<br />
I am thinking about starting over?