Trying Again!!!

I have tried fasting many times, i have tried the master cleanse but only lasted 4 days, and lately i have been trying the simple but hard, WATER FAST and just last week i finally put my foot down and said "I AM GOING TO DO THIS!" ....I was suppose to start Sunday, Dec 2nd! i did good the first day but and everyday since, by the middle of the day i found myself snacking on cheese-its or something! :( then i feel guilty and tell myself that ill just start again tomorrow. This is why i need to fast, i have an ugly addiction to all these nasty foods and i know if i fast, and when i get through the fast. i know that i am going to want to eat healthier and live a better life style. But i feel like I'm failing myself everyday. i feel like i need to motivation and some support here, so that's why i decided to join a website, in hopes that this will help me get through my fast.
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Just make sure that when you want to fast, you aren't just jumping into it. A lot of fasters dedicate at least a few days prior to their fast to only eating really light foods like veggies and fruit before beginning the fast. Easing into it is a better way to have a successful fast. Also there are some fasting videos on youtube where people document their progress. Maybe you should check those out?