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I want to loose weight quickly and I barely have time to exercise. I'm going to try fasting for about a week. I'm only going to drink a cayenne pepper drink that I read is good for fasting. If I make it through the week, I'll probably expend my diet a bit further. My friend doesn't want me to go through with it. She was telling me yesterday she wanted me to try a better way to loose weight. I'm too excited about it though.

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

both of these are true, but for the record, a week of fasting isn't going to do you all that much good. once you get to the two week mark, then the pounds drop off, but the body also starts shutting down.

I would find the time to excersise. Only excersise with the right diet is healthy. Fasting is not good for anyone. Please reconsider for your health, people that lose weight through fasting often look better before with the extra weight than after their fasting.