I Hate My Life

I'm 13 and i'm fat. I don;t know really when i became fat, i guess i always was. but when i got into middle school it got worse. I always feel not good enough and that im too big to be anything. I hate being here. i hate being fat and ugly and unimportant in the world. There is one guy at school who ive known since 1st grade and its almost his job to torment and harrass me. He's always calling me fatty, and ugly btich and it hurts and i son;t know how to tell anybody. I don't want to be a snitch i really don't but its just making everything worse.
sarahforsyer sarahforsyer
13-15, F
3 Responses Mar 1, 2012

You know what society cuts like a b***h I've been through that and I'm fat too its tough to know that everybody imagines everything to be perfect and they don't accept that humans come in all different sizes and shapes that they don't know how's it like to be criticized for not being "good enough"or not having a regular body it makes me sick and if I tell you how many people I wanna b***h slap right now I could have a list but I always remember that I was happy and I could be in that position again even though it's gonna be tough I'll work for it

Iam 16 ,and iam fat ! My causin had a nice body , i used toobe skinyy and now that i lookthe mirror, i cry! I jusst hate my body! When i get hungry i don't eat at all! Sometimes for a whole day, i tried throwing upp too see if i can get skinny again but it's so hard , when i start doing exercise i fail ! I weight like 120 i think i weigght now more , and its killing me ! I jusst wanna be the girl i used too be :( ,i feel the sameway you feel, everytime iam with my causin she tries on new outfits, and sometimes i dont fit in the cloth we liked , :(

Hello. Rather than focusing on fat why not focus on health. If you are healthy you will not be fat. Take a look at my blog and see if it helps: stroke-recover.blogspot.com