Figuring It Was Different

 Did you ever have different dreams growing up? Marrying and having children, being a writer, a dancer or even a singer.  Each day I'm reminded how much it is a gift to be able to do the things that you will no longer let anything stand in your way for..go to that karoke bar and sing your heart out. Reach out to people who need you the most, even if you have been burnt and hurt badly by people. My father was an alcholic and he died age 36 and he drank all the time and hit my mom and i saw it all. It wasn't something that a young child should see, but it gave me a clear understanding that dreams are dreams and reality is reality. I spent most of my time praying for my dad to go away and move away so I didn' t have to hear him yell or hit anymore.  I learned to pray to God and have a relationship with God. I think God doesn't love me because I live with my boyfriend and people may think I'm wrong to do so because I believe in God. I want to love God despite what I may have learned was "wrong" and a sin, but I know that God is true and he blesses everyone despite the situation. Why should he think of me any less. Besides, life is too short to ponder things that haven't happened yet, so, let me live my life the way I would think God would want me too.  I don't want to give up on my  imagination and be able to create dreams from younger years so that I can spread my wings and fly. I want to be a light to those who are struggling and focus on the things that matters..kindness matters.
daisys4u daisys4u
31-35, F
May 12, 2012