okaay soo im 5'3ft and 8.6 stone..
i hate my body :/ it makes me feel sick :S i was always friends with skinny people, they never slagged me but i always felt fat...
everyone keeps telling me that im not fat but i know that i am...i have noone to talk to because my friends are skinny so they dont understand..
lovelybones2223 lovelybones2223
18-21, F
2 Responses May 21, 2012

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That sounds very interesting. I just started working out because I got my birthcontrol removed (got super fat on it) and had a baby 9 mths ago. Do you think you could help me too? I am excercising a lot and sweating but I feel like I might need a push.

I feel the exact same way. Everyone says "oh your not fat!" but you can never get an honest answer. I know i am.

When you feel like it is, yes.