I Feel So Ugly

I am 22, 5ft 9 and weigh 252lbs. It's never really bothered me before but being single for 2 years now i'm thinking is it my weight? Plus i have two young kids, i want them to respect me when they are older and dont want them to be teased because mum is a "fattie", i don't want to be mega skinny but i'm a size 20 and aiming for a size 14. I've tried diets but i dont get time to go to the gym or anything, please help?
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Hi a friend of mine has the same problem (she's a lot heavier than you) she comfort eats and has for years, the more she eats the worse she feels about herself and the more she worries about her weight and the fact she can't get her life on track the whole thing becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. I sometimes think she eats for that reason - if she piles on the weight she can blame everything on the fact she's fat so there's no expectation she could do better for herself in life it's been an easy cop out for her.
Now though finally - with my nagging I've been worried about her health she's just joined weight watchers and has started to loose a bit of weight and also made friends in the process. One of the best ideas she's had was using a smaller plate for her dinner and putting a photo of herself on the fridge which brings her to a halt when she's about to open the door.
People can be cruel if you're overweight - and we've all been the brunt of that at some point best thing you can do is prove them wrong.
I don't like going to the gym so I've got a treadmill at home and I walk a lot with the dogs which helps.
At the end of the day to loose weight everyone has to have to have the motivation to do it for themselves because nobody else can.
A fine New Year's Resolution!
Good luck.