Because I am Native American, I have a slower metabolism and when I gain weight, it goes straight to my stomach. My weight itself is average, but since all my fat is in my stomach, I look horrible. I have incredibly thin arms and legs, but my stomach buldges out like a mile.

My parents adopted me, and didn't realize that I required less food than other kids. So they fed me just as much as they would feed another girl. Unfortunately, that only made me gain. By the time I started packing my own lunch for school, the damage had already been done. My noon-hour supervisors regularly freak out at me because I bring so little for lunch. The truth is, I don't need much.

I realized how fat I was when I was 6. I remember the moment exactly. Another, older girl was sitting beside me, and I looked down at our legs. Hers were lithe and skinny, whereas mine looked like squash. I immediately tensed them and tried to make them look as thin as hers, to no avail. It didn't helo that later that summer, my older sister, who was 9 at the time came to visit, and told me I was fat. In a nice way, of course. She continued to imply it her whole stay.

I am 5''7, and weigh 134 lbs. I have been stuggling to lose weight all summer, and have been marginally successful.

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I can help you, I found something that truly works. I completely understand what you are saying. My family has a tendency to gain weight around our midsection and that has been the bane of my existence. It is going away though and it only required my commitment to change and an hour a day. Find me on fb.. Vicki Dubose Marcum