When I Turned 4

I was thin until i turned 4 i weighed 65lbs but i lived qwith my grandma for 6 years.and she let me eat. When i moved out i was 10 and morbidly obese and i couldnt walk be well when got to my house with adovtipe parents.( my mom.died when i was 3).
Well i lived with them the were obssed with having me gorge on cakes and junk. Right now im 13 and i weigh 275 pounds my parents have eat all day.and i go to an online school i used to cheer but i love my fat more than any thing . My parents encourage me to get fatter because they r mexican and they think the bigger the.better. Since i go to an online shool there is day i dont get out of bed.
Today i had doctors appoiment he said i was obese and that crap so i he made take the fitness test i walked.for like 6 second with out having to stop.he also measured.me and took my body fat 40.6 . I tried to go down staris and i had to stop like.2 times my little sister.loves mh belly she loves to sleep.in it i have strech marks al over my belly plz give gaining advice
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Online school?That's crazy!Share some pics!!