So the other night when my bf took me to dinner I saw some old friends there. They couldn't believe how fat I was and kept starring! I felt so proud and since my shirt was too small my belly showed and I stretched and more showed! They were all so thin except for one who had gained at least 20lbs. They all said we needed to catch up so today were going to lunch! The one who was 20lbs heavier patted my belly and said wow you ve gotten huge! But then she looked at my other friend and was like uh an turned back and was like ew uve gotten huge. It's like she really like my belly and wanted it!so they left and I kept on eating. They also said little comments like uve let yourself go, or what have u been eating?! And etc. I love it when ppl notice my belly! I wish my friends would want to fatten me up to or get fat with me
I hope lunch goes well (:
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3 Responses May 20, 2012

I want all my friends to get fat with me! ;)

Well today I wore a shirt with a sexually graphic penis on it.<br />
It made people stare in disgust.<br />
I am so happy and I wish more people would stare at my penis shirt.

I know! I was seeking validation today and wanted someone to notice my fat. I went to Carls and got their special two sausage egg and cheese combo meal. It was lousy but, I noticed a few people looking me over. After that I went to McDonalds and got a Caramel Frappe. Not much attention there so I went to the grocery store. I saw a couple of guys staring at me but, don't no if it was because I was showing off my fat, or because I didn't wear a bra. (That was a mistake. It's twenty miles back to my house from town on a bumpy road. Ouch!)

That sucks!