Warning: this is more of a rant. ;)

I am feeling so unattractive now. :(

I get that most people find slim or curvy girls attractive. I am neither and i have learned to accept myself.

But there are times that you just feel so down..

Especially since I happened by chance to come upon videos in youtube about ssbbww women. Of course, silly me, I clicked and watched it.

I understand that each person as their own idea of beauty but really. If people find these women attractive, in which scale I am at then?

I am fat. But I have small breasts and a flat ***. Plus I am tall at 5'10. Who finds that combination attractive? Sigh.

I'm not looking for sympathy or being falsely humble. I am just stating my opinions.

For now, am going to be under the weather but it's a phase. I'll soon get over it. :)

Has anyone else experienced having an 'ugly day'?
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2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

I bet that if you were to take some naked pictures and put them in an album on here you would be surprised at the positive reaction you would get!

Omg u feel your pain fully hopefully you won't have an ugly date tommorow because U are so pretty