I Really Am............most Days....

~ The only time that it tends to get to me, is when someone makes a snide remark or stares at me. I know I'm fat dumba*s, no need to make a big friggin' deal about it. I mean, I'm sorry, but why don't you take a picture..........it'll last longer! ~

~ They always seem to be so surprised if they see me smiling or laughing. They must think I'm blind & can't see myself. It makes me laugh.............now. It didn't a very short time ago. I'm not saying that I'm in love with being fat, I'm not. What I do know, is that most days now, I can look in the mirror & be HAPPY with who I am & what I have to offer. Yes, I'm big, but in no way does that diminish me in the eyes of my loved ones, my friends, or myself. Not anymore. This is me, if you don't like it - Well, bugger off then. I don't need you or your opinion. So SAVE IT! ~

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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

I hear you. Somedays I'm fine with my size, other days not so much. It's less what others think of me though and more how it limits some of the things I can do. Like when I had to rent cars, I couldn't rent just any car b/c though I could fit, some of them were just not comfortable, then there is seating on mass transit. It';s going shopping with friends and not being able to find something to fit at every store we go to, or knowing that if we all take $200 with us, they'll wind up with a LOT more stuff than I do. <br />
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But if I take just my bod and think of it, then there are a lot of things that I really like about it. I like the coolness of my skin, the curve of my calves, the roundness of my shoulders and you mustn't forget the breasts! Major lus there.<br />
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Strange how I assumed you were a woman. Without checking your profile pic, glad to see I was right, and since you are, check out Les Toil's artwork when you get a chance. His stuff is a major boost when you're curves are getting you down or when ppl say stupid things. It helps to know that there are many people out there that like and really enjoy plus sized people. Also there is a magazine out there that I lost track of for plus size Pinups. If I think of it I'll post it here.