Reading Your Stories Makes Me Sad

53 now - I'm down to about 170 lbs - at 5'2" still big but beats the 230 I was at when I had my heart attack 2 years ago.  I don't diet anymore, I've been on one or another almost all in my life time and finally learned its about the choices we make.

Stop dieting just start substituting - whole wheat instead of white (makes a BIG difference for me) - fruit instead of cake - frozen yoghurt or sherbert instead of ice cream - stop eating anything fried but eat all you want of baked or broiled - just do it and your taste buds will actually change and slowly the weight will come off.

Look up the "glycemic index" - it makes things clearer if you can't figure out whats healthier -

Now if someone could come up with a substitution for exercise I'd really have it beat, sigh ~ 



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1 Response Mar 6, 2010

Many gain weight because of metabolic slowdown in them as they reach certain age. and eating fatty food does not help the issue. If this can be taking care of. I believe total weight loss is imminent. Contact for how to do this with ease