I Was Always Fat And I Hate It

Since I know for myself I was fat. I just cant understand people who like being fat. A fat-persons life is a whole lot differenf than the normal-persons life. People look at you differently, they don't respect you, they always tease you and trying to hurt you. They keep away from you couse nobody likes a fatty around himself. They don't listen to you talking or consider your opinion and you have less and less friends
It's a life full of hate from other people, yourself and even your family.
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I totally agree, life goes around u n ppl talk to u as if ur feelings r burried under ur fat, as if they cannot b affected like a thoes of a skinny dude.

it's an epic to try 2b seen n not looked at.

Ha ! I would be too skinny any day over too fat. Imagine going to an amusement park and not riding rides. Eyeing chairs to hope they dont crack.

Yeah, no comparision. Ive been skinny too and you get one comment and that is it. Fat affects every single thing.

Oooh vxpink, you bring up a great point about the friends thing. Except even my closest friends and my family comment on my weight. it really is also true Mxthexa, that people of a normal weight lead a very different life than people who are under and especially over weight. I wish it wouldn't be like that, but I also wish that I didn't look like this.

I agree with u totally. ppl just feel that they can say anythin to you and you would be fine with it. iv had everyone from teachers to friends to complete strangers comment on me.

like 2 days ago i was walkin past this street market and the vendors kept yellin out to me in the middle of a crowd sayin 'we have jeans in ur size. . .take a look'.

well that would not be too rude but these guys were only sellin mens clothing.

.........anyway my point is thanx to my layers of blubber, i know who can look past the physical and are my real friends