The Food Channel

I have settled into a daily and night time routine that is making me fatter by the day. I have found the Food Channel! Every day, when I finally roll out of bed (literally!) and I waddle out of the bedroom, the first thing that I do on my way to the kitchen is to turn on the Food Channel. All day long and through the evening, I love to gather up the most fattening foods, sit on the couch, feed my every expanding body and watch the images of all kinds of fattening foods, hour after hour after hour. I am so addicted on food, I actually sit there in front of the TV and drool when I see chefs preparing the most delicous and sinful meals. I find myself having to unbuckle and unzip my pants to let my belly fat hang out and get more comfortable through the day. I love to lift and massage my fat rolls as the images of pies, and cakes and cookies and creamy Italian food images flash on my TV screen. Every day, I get totally turned on as I stuff my face and watch the Food Channel. I love being so addicted and dependent on food and getting fatter and fatter and fatter.
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Post pics sounds sexy

Wow! This sounds amazing!