It Hasnt Been Long**

I havent been fat for this long. Usually its a realtionship or a stressful year..but ive always seemed to slim up. Its been too long now. i have been neglecting my body for fear that i wont accept myself since i always see myself as normal til i put in the digits and it say "overweight"..Overweight?! I have never been like this..always on the brink never on the rink.. and now i am ion a realtionship where it feels like a requirement to be in the normal range..he doesnt know where i se to be and where i want to be..i just need time..but ive had time and time and time again i have failed myself and this is why i am the way i am now..not obese but not healthy. I eat healthy and thik healthy but dont look healthy. i see thise people that ignore the things that go insiode of their body and how upset or insecure about theur weight.. but now im in the same boat. i need to jump out of this funk and with this new job it constantly puts pressure on my knee which makes it hard to go workout but if i was healthy my joints would be able to take the 12 hour days...once money and motivation comes he will see.. he will be proud to be next to me instead of sorry**
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ComoLaFlor77---Blessings to you. thanks for sharing. I have such a different perspective.... let me share just a little. I'm fat... not "over weight" but--- FAT... like roll-city... and I love myself. I'm happy. I totally enjoy life---including eating... food is great! But I wasn't always like this. I was a skinny, active, athletic kid. I played a lot of sports and ran distance... very thin. Over the course of my adult life--I got busy... gained weight... dieted and lost it... and then gained ti back... lost it... gained it... etc.... but each diet--at the end of each cycle--I ended up a little bigger.

At 210 pounds---I was so frustrated... my guy was hainging over my belt.. I was disgusted.

I went online to find help... and discovered the "Fat Acceptance" and "Health at Every Size" communities.. I also found Joy Nash's "Fat Rant" video on youtube (awesome!!!!)... anyway--it changed me... I leared SOOOO MUCH about myself, my body, health, etc...

Long story short---i kicked "dieting" out of my life for ever... I will never diet again.

I ate (eat) what I want (not all junk food--I leat a lot of good food too)... and I got fat---BUT, I also committed to an exercise life-style---NOT to lose weight--but just for the joy of moving, sweating, and being healthy... LOVE IT...

Today--I'm a fattie---but I'm happy, healthy and I love myself!

So---be strong!
And have a great day.