My Secret

Alright, friends. The time is near... I'm writing up the secret now! But I'll only share it tonight if this gets at least five comments. I want to make sure my secret is worth it!! <3

xoxo Hill
FatLuvvinGurl FatLuvvinGurl 70+, F 16 Responses Dec 2, 2012

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I posted my secret now

Love to hear it. Are you still fattening?

I love hearing about you fattening your belly. I love secrets.

We're on the edge of our seats of course. How's the writing going. Whatever your secret is, I hope it's one that's enjoyable for you, whether you tell us about it or not.
Good luck.

I'll be right here waiting for it!

I want to know! Can't wait for your story. When will you post it?

Where is the secret

Yes...please do!

Tell us all (:

me too

tell me!!!!! >:D

i like to know sexy! ;)

wats ur secret! :)

:D tell us

What does it involve?

Ooo I'd love to find out. :)