More Rolls, More Happy!!!

I used to be thin, and my belly was flat. The last year, I began to see a lot of videos about gain weight. I was very excited seeing fat belly of women and men. So, I decided to gain weight. At first, my belly grew slowly. Three months ago, I started to eat more. When the first roll appeared, I was very excited. I was encouraged and I added more pounds. So, more rolls have appeared. People can notice the rolls under my shirts. My chubby female workmates are happy with my new body. They told me you were very handsome
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Mhh Great story chatam! It is so exciting! It make me wonder how it would be with my boyfriend. He is lean and muscular, I am the one who gained weight after we moved and got a soft potbelly.. I used to be thin too, but now my belly roll is quite noticeable when I sit and got some comments at work. My boyfriend teases me a bit, but it seems he loves my softer belly, 'cause his hands are often there. It could be fun to try and make him gain some fat too, so I wouldn't be the only chubby one anymore. Just imaging her female workmates making some funny comments about his new belly make me delighted! ;-) You have been inspiring!!!

I feel so happy being chubby!!! Winter was a good season to gain more!!! My winter clothes helped me to hide my progress. LOL. Your bf like your soft belly because a chubby woman is more sexy than a thin. Boobs, thighs and butt look more sexy!!!

Chubby is always good! :)

Good post. No woman I think likes a really thin man... not too much fun!

And we're glad you don't! ;)

What about really fat men?

Im new to this. Could you read my story? I need opinions!

How old are you

When you're fat, it's refreshing to see other fat people around you!

How fat do you wanna be?