My Affair With the Fridgadire

My first diet I was on I was 6 months old.  It was the 60's and the Doc told my mom I was fat and put me on fat free powdered milk...In elementary school I received a secret admirer note...i was thrilled and read it carefully...until I came across the words "you are pleasently plump".  A few years later in highschool I ate only once a day and that was a cinnimon roll in the cafeteria...lost a bunch of weight.

Got married...couldn't live on love...began to binge eat...

have gained 100 lbs in the last 20 years.

Even though I have received healing in the areas that would cause me to make out with the fridge...I have the consequences of my actions....hence the weight.  It is coming off painfully SLOW.  I get discouraged on a daily basis.  The older I am the more my body is telling me the side effects of the weight.  Pain everyday...can't always keep up with my 5 year old.  I need to stick with it...need to find the answer so that I can be successfull...


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3 Responses Sep 7, 2008

You CAN do this!

Just give up the sugar, honey. Just let it go.<br />
<br />
Of course you'd still have to get over the mental damage.

Hug...I wish I didn't understand but I do...I know what to do (I am a freaking Registered Dietitian!) but it is not just the food....the best suggestion I can give is what I try to give myself: be kind to yourself no matter how you eat on a particular day. The more kindness and compassion you show yourself, the more it will help with the weight loss.......good luck!!