Even My Mom Calls Me Fat

It feels horrible when peope call me fat what they dont know is that well for me a person that has been through many things that I didnt deserve like being raped and ect. The only thing i could run to was food and i dont know why t 's just i have nothing to look foward to anymore my mom is always like look at yourself yu shold take your cousins examples look how skinny they are and look how disgusting and fat you are she dosent know that I already have it bad at school since i was in 3rd grade i was made fun of i only had one freind that everreally hung out with me and i cold talk to he moved four years ago i missed him but he's coming back sometimes i feel like klling mysel how coud these people be so harsh? I hurts somuch to know that even both your parents think yur isgusting i hate this life i really do im tired of living like this i need so much help i need someone here with me i need someone that wont judge me they think  that it's easy to stop but it's no when yor parents didnt show that they loved you at all and that they werent there what else can you do?  when right under there noses I was raped by a family freind and it happened 3 times what else can you do i cant tust anyone they all just end up taking advantage of me im so tired of this **** i am i wanna die i NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hon, you need to seek help from a professional counselor. What you have been through and are going through is horrible, and you need to deal with those issues. Your counselor will help you find healthy ways to cope and deal with your mother and the rest of your family. No one has the right to make you feel unworthy like that because you are so worthy of love and respect and care.

Omg my mom does that too like when we go to the mall and ask to go to a store she's like that store is not for you and I've started to workout and lost a lot of weight and I gained like 3 pounds and she's like start going your fat again and I just feel like locking myself in a bathroom and crying... Like they don't know how it feels it really annoys me but don't let it get you down your not alone

Hey if u still need help message me! :)

Get on a 90 day challenge....challenge yourself to loose a determined amount of weight per month, then apply it for 2 more consecutive months...set goals which are obtainable which will give you the confidence after completing the first,....i can help if you'd like to communicate about it...

They r just concerned about u. There are many health problems they want to prevent u from having. Don't think to kill yourself that's not the right choice. Sit down with your parents and just talk to them tell them how u really feel. Go to a doctor that can help you lose weight and maybe go to a counselor. Don't give up on life honey.

They r just concerned about u. There are many health problems they want to prevent u from having. Don't think to kill yourself that's not the right choice. Sit down with your parents and just talk to them tell them how u really feel. Go to a doctor that can help you lose weight and maybe go to a counselor. Don't give up on life honey.

I'm sorry to hear what happened to you. I do hope things got better for you over time. I recommend that you read Joyce Meyers Book called: Battlefield of the Mind. I think it will do wonders for you and your mind set.

i feel ur pain girl. my mom calls me fat too

I Know How You Feel Hun l: When I Was Six My Uncle Touched Me. As The Years Passed Like They Always Do I Ate And Ate And Ate Until I Couldnt Eat Anymore By The Time I Was Nine I Was Looking In The Womans Sections At Large Sizes. I Was Made Fun Of All Through Elementary. When We Would Play Tag They Would Automatically Not Mke Me Be "It" Because I Was Slow. I Was Even Close To Getting Diebietes. One Summer I Decided To Help Myself At 12 Years Old I Started Excersizing Playing Sports Eating Right. Now Im Happy With Myself I Came 16th In The City Finals For Track And Im A New Person. I Told My Mom About My Uncle And Now I Dont See Him Anymore. You Can Help Yourself And All Of Us Here Want To Help You Too. Email Me Or Message Whatever Just Know Im Here For You :D

oh wait! and i know its hard listening to ur parents call u fat and other ppl too. u need to get urself in a postive environment. not be captivated in a negative one. u need to belive in urslef. and say that u are beautiful inside and out no matter what! b/c everyone is! i dont know why ppl make "weight" a personality. they make ppls colors a personality. when its not. its jus a quality about a person. every life is precious to live and to have. please surround urself with friends how say postive things about u and who do good things. b/c if ur not around postive ppl itll make u feel like ur not good inside. trust me everyone goes through it. be happy that u are u. and thats how u were made. how cares about ur weight. tell ur parents that b/c if they make weight a personality and make it seems bad then who cares about what they say. ur not being selfish now..think about urself and say u care about urself and love urself. again i hope everything goes well. u seem like ur a wonderfull person!

well, it depends on how ur mother says it. does she say it in a mean way- or is tryinng to be calm or nice about it-for u to do something about ur weight. i mean being fat is not a bad thing but in some cases it can be bad. when ur too over weight-especially if ur short that is really bad. but if ur too skinngy if ur tall then that can be bad. im like really skinny. and there is nothing i can do about it. i mean i do kinda want to gain a littel more weight. am im a little tall. ppl say i can be a model cause they way i look. but prove them wrong if ur mom is saying it in a mean way. prove that u can be healthy while being at ur weight. also tell ur mom that u dont like it and have like an hour talk with her and share ur feeling towards her but in a calm way- i hope everything will work out!

dont worry im fat too.

When I read this story I hear you calling out threw the text and Im reading between the lines, you are hurt, you are alone, you are broken, you are confused, ... all of those things I just mentioned must be dealt with, picture them as little battles in a huge war. You must defeat each one and overcome that feeling of failure. <br />
You have your picture icon blurred out on here, and Im not sure if you have public viewable pictures, but I tell you what I have some graphic design skills and I would like to do something nice FOR YOU! No strings attached, I am asking nothing in return from you EXCEPT that you take advantage of this opportunity to view yourself from someone else mirror instead of the cracked mirror that life has left you with. There might also be a music opportunity for you in this as well, but we can talk about that more later. Email me soon ok. :)

I am in your shoes as well, at a young age i was raoed by my own cousin and i had nothing to turn to but food, and i have never really told my oarents, even though i should, because it happened when i was 7 and i had memory repression for a few years so by the time i remebered it, i figured it was too late for anyhing, plus i feel like me telling someone would tear my mothers side of the family up, just like my fathers side of the family was torn up after my brother got raped by my grandpa so i juss kept to myself and ate. now im 230 pounds and growing while im only 5' 4"

I'm sorry to hear that, but I bet you feel so much better after finally being able to say that out loud.

oh yeah and girl when ppl call u fat... they do it because 1. they are ignorant<br />
2. they fear differences and don't know how to deal with it.<br />
and 3. they see something in you that they wish they could be and they're jealous. <br />
<br />
oddly enough society is odd. People don't know how to cope with differences... well ignorant ppl anyway. <br />
they are unsure of how to be ok with individuality since society has brain washed most of us that u have to be thin to be pretty or healthy... but really queen latifah is over weight and I personally think she's gorgeous and skinny ppl are not always healthy... but anyway, I guess I'll stop rambling on and on... hit me up whenever u need to talk! toodles!

hey there emotionalgirl, if u need to talk... im here too! :). But one thing is for certain... in order for others to love you, you gotta love yourself. I know it's hard I'm a fatty too but I'm healthy even though Im over weight... there is this book called The Fat Girl's guide to life...well I get back to you on the title and the author... anyway, it's a really good book! I totally recommend it. <br />
<br />
<br />
I say, screw it all if they don't like you.. well toobad for them, they( whom ever "they" may be) are missing out on a wonderful girl! <br />
I agree with 2bthin, don't give up! We're all here to listen to each other and give a little insight from our own experiences!! :)

I'm also very overweight. I am 265 pounds and I'm completely sick of it. I know exactly what you are going through. I have never been raped but I was molested by a family member and I never talk about it. I also know what it is to want to kill yourself. BUT please dont give up on life, I have my bad days and my good days and I will be there if you want to talk. Just think about it that everyday you make a change it will make a difference later on in life. I am here on this board to speak about my experiences and to help people like you and people like me. I did find out that there are people out there that will appreciate you for you so just dont give up ok?