Not So Bad

Sometimes I don't mind being the way I am.  I like having soft curves, and hips and an ***.  I like the fact that you can't see my bones under my skin.  Sure people can be idiots and say dumb ****, but I'm too old and tired to care what people say anymore.  Hell, sometimes I like being fat.
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9 Responses Aug 10, 2007

I'm proud of you!

You are a pretty girl and should not give up I don't like this bbw stuff pepole are doing its unhealthy and in the end unhappy I have waight issues to but I can't lie myself that big is beautiful

Good for you! :)

What's not to like?

I think you look beautiful. I'm a man that wants a girl with meat on her bones. If she wants to get bigger, that's perfect. There is someone for everyone.

Dont worry to much about the fat. Worrymore the quality of what you are eating. Fat is Fine. Unhealthy is not. :-)

u know what i said to people who called me fat when i was fat i said at least i can loose weight ur ugly and there isnt enough technology to make u look better so bite me lol and now im skinny

Girl you are the woman of my dreams! Actually I'm a woman so it wouldn't work out. Still I wish I could be like you. I'm a bit lighter than you (128) but I wish I were like you.

If I looked like you I wouldn't mind being heavy either. :) You are a beautiful girl on the outside and your confidence and self love make you beautiful inside as well.<br />
Great attitude!