I am not usually bothered when people call me fat, but just a while ago I was pissed. What made me mad was not the fact that a person called me fat, but she humiliated me in front of people whom we know. I passed this neighbor of mine, I even greeted her and smile at her, and I was a block away when she called me and shout that I was fat. Okay!What the **** was that? Nobody has the right to humiliate anyone. For the past years< I've suffered from depression for a long time and the past months, have been worse where I have been binge eating. In just a span of a month to two, I gained almost 22 pounds. It was my comfort for that past month/s. People would just see how you look and judge you with that, but they do not look past that. So, frustrating. Yes, Im struggling with my weight now, but Im trying to be healthy, and people who are insensitive in giving remarks just for their satisfaction should just shut up.
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Don't be ashamed for your fat(;

more confident now. One must accept themselves for them to be accepted by others :-)