When I was a little girl I always thought I'd grow up, be pretty, be tall, and be thin. I grew up (from like 6 to 15) and the only thing that changed was my weight- I got bigger. You have no idea how long I stand in front of the bathroom mirror and suck in my stomach and pinch in my waist. I don't want to have to buy new wand because the insides of the thighs wear out. I want a thigh gap! I want hips and a collar bone and ribs you can hold onto. I'm disgusting this way. I'm ugly, I'm so ******* fat it's unbelievable. I'm doing everything I can to lose weight- dieting, fasting, exercising for hours, but nothing's working fast enough. I want it gone. I'm tired of being hideous and huge, I want to be beautiful. And I'll do anything I can for it.
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Well, first off: Fat does NOT equal ugly. You wish for hips, well duh: You get real hips, when you store fat in them! And not only in my opinion is a visible ribcage very unattractive.
Furthermore: Beauty is not defined by the body, but rather by the face and the character of a person. That can be interchangable or even work together.
For the figure: Different people like different things. If you're unhappy with your figure, that's totally okay, but it doesn't make you ugly. If you want to be thin, that's fine, but don't put yourself down over stuff like that. "Beauty comes from within" is not just a phrase. Be confident in who you are and people will find you beautiful with any figure, trust me!

beleive that your fat was beautiful, my nephew has a girlfriend (14 yeras old) and is girl friend is seriously the fattest teenaged girl ive ever seen but shes very pretty. to be honest i wanted to look like her when i was younger

Probably should've thought about that before you got so fat

thanks for being nice