So today is the first time Ive gone to the doctors in a while.And by in a while I mean since Ive gained all my weight. Im at about 270 now and last time I was there I was nowhere near that.

The nurse that weighed me gave me the usual judgemental stare. and took the office. She told me that the doctor would be focusing on my weight as it was wildly out of control.

The doctor came in too bothered to look at me. Then read my chart and looked up at suprise. She took measurements of my belly which I loved and then gave me the usual lecture I get.

Ill spare you the rest but it inspired me to get a truck load of fast food on the way home!
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4 Responses Aug 18, 2014

That is awesome! Did your belly hang out of your shirt? :-)

Yum! You've got the right idea! L)

I hope you gained 5 more pounds after that stuffing!

Nice, I also love to be judged by my doctor for my rapidly growing belly and high weight.