Big and Bigger...

Why can't I just STOP eating too much? It doesn't make sense, how can it be so hard to NOT do something?


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6 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Because you enjoy it.

i know the feeling!<br />
not only do i stuff myself i encourage others as well! i realised when reflecting one day that i did that with all my exs!and now i do that with my family n friends!AAAAAAAAAAAA!i used to have self discipline now don't even know wat that means!

Overeating is like thinking negative long as you sit there and do it, it will only get worse. So figure out your triggers, and instead of sitting there, get up and do something else. Anything...just get busy. Get one of those exercise bands and just start with that on the floor everytime you want to overeat...just get busy.<br />
I know all about sitting and doing nothing about a problem. You are worth more than what that food is doing to you. Really.

I am, too. But I lost over 100 pounds not all that long ago and know it can be done. You just have to ask yourself which you want more, the food or (the body, the health, whatever your goal is). Once you've got that, you're on track.<br />
<br />
As laurabkora said the reason why you do it is so important. That's the hardest part, believe it or not. For me, it's emotional stress and fear. Even though I know this and don't want to use it as an excuse, I haven't figured out how to overcome it. A support system is crucial.<br />
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We can do this, right?

I know it sounds weird but I can understand how u feel because the opposite way around it is just as difficult. It's not all about how easy it is to eat or stop yourself - it's about what makes you do it and that's the problem that needs addressing, not your eating habits. Hope that helps xx

I know how you feel. I ask myself the same thing every day!! Its like I try and try but food is always my cushion for everything. Its a big problem. <br />
<br />
Wonder what will make this stop!!