I Know Im Fat

i know im fat. everyone says im not, but i SO am.

im 5'3" or 5'4", and im like, 115 lbs. ugh... 

i feel ugly, and i need to lose like, 50 lbs. then id be skinny. then i wouldnt be fat.

ive got pics on my other stories, so yea. just look there.

cokezebno cokezebno
18-21, F
7 Responses Sep 23, 2007

You're not fat! Trying gaining another 200 pounds and then we'll talk about you being fat.

Losing more than like 5 pounds would make you probably underweight, which, pound for pound, is WAY more dangerous than being overweight, which you are nowhere near

You definitely don't need to lose 50 pounds. Then you would look like a skeleton. Your weight is actually pretty healthy for your height.

LOL I guess someone got mad when I exposed her true motives. Go ahead people. Tell her she's beautiful because that's all she wants to hear. Praise her ego and build her confidence so she can feel better about life.

16, 5'2, 145. You're not fat.

Sweetie. I looked at your pics. You are definetly not fat!

That's not really overweight. That's about average for your height.