How Can I Be / Feel Beautiful?

 When I am 5' 4" and 235 pounds? it's horrible but i cant seem to find anyone that is attracted to me, and what is worse is that i cant even be attracted to myself. I hate looking in the mirror, and every time I look in a magazine all i can think of is how nice it would be to be skinny. I have tried to lose weight and i just seem to always gain it back. i have considered becoming anorexic or bulimic, but i could never do it. Food is my emotional crutch . I probably sound like every other fat girl wallowing in self pity.....;but if the world wasn't so repulsed by fat, maybe i could feel beautiful. I have heard of remote tribes i places like Africa who actually find obese women attractive, and i think it would be nice to live there. Not only do i want to be beautiful, but i want to feel beautiful and have someone actually call me beautiful =/  

Why do we live in a world where fat is automatically associated with ugly? i wish people could see that fat people are beautiful too and a lot of times i feel beautiful, but i can guarantee you that  i would have better self esteem if people weren't like this... is there some sort of plus-sized magazine i could look at with Big beautiful people in it? something that will empower me and show that fat people can be beautiful too...

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I am 17 and I have been over weight since I was 10. In the last 3 years it has gotten worse and I am now painfully fat. My parents point it out to me almost every day and it makes me feel like crap about myself. They are trying to help motivate me but it doesn't work(shocker!) I have recently began to accept my body and begin to love me for me, which is hard to do. Every time I looked in the mirror all I saw was an undesirable fat girl. But it happens less and less now, and I now realize that just because I have extra meat on my bones doesnt make me any less beautiful than all the skinny girls!

hi im just 14 yrs. old female...since i was a kid im so fat but when i turned 13 i started to make myself beautiful because im fat i need to be beautiful but now i want to be sexy like other teenager girls father says that its okay to be fat atleast your clean..he always tells me that but i dont care heheh...all i want is to be thin..but I REALIZED SO MANY THINGS..LIKE WHAT IF GET A SEXY BODY? AM I COMFORTABLE? I NEVER EXPERIENCE IT BEFORE WILL I BE FIT WITH IT? AND I REALIZED THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO BE REALIZED OF EVERYONE..."I AM WONDERFULLY MADE BY GOD" NO MATTER HOW YOU ARE THE THING THAT MATTERS IS YOUR CHARACTER OF HOW YOU APPRECIATE YOURSELF:) THATS IT..TO GOD BE THE GLORY

I know how you feel as a woman who weighs the same as you. But, there is someone out there that will appreciate you for who you are. Regardless of whether you are fat or thin. There are plenty of thin people who have yet to find their true love as well. People tend to blame themselves, think there is something wrong with them, if they haven't found someone. My advice, quit your life to the will find you. And when it does, it will be someone who doesn't care how fat you are, they will love you for who you are inside. There are plenty of men out there that love bigger women. You are no less a person just because you are voluptuous...I speak from experience...try to be confident in yourself, think about the things you like about yourself. People will see that spark and be curious. No one is curious to get to know someone who is always down on themselves. You need to love yourself before anyone can get to know you....I hope this helps... ;)

i'll be honest the most beautiful thing for most men is a woman comfortable in her own skin and confident that they look good. personally i find women like you attractive, there are others like me out there, but we tend to be cautious. too many women think we're being insincere or have alternative motives when we tell them they're beautiful and they don't believe it themselves.<br />
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i can't think of any fat positive magazines off the top of my head, though a search for size acceptance or bbw (big beautiful woman) may yield some helpful results. i'll warn you that bbw will probably bring up alot of weird stuff, but some of it may be helpful to you.