Since I'm a little kid I wanted to be fat. I always put a ballon under my shirt to look like I would be fat, when my mom came in I always said that I was playing being pregnant because I thought it wouldn't be too smart to tell her that I wanted to gain weight.
My problem as a kid was that I didn't like much food. I just ate noodles and I ate super small portions.
When I was about 13 years old I found out about the weight gain videos on Youtube and I spent days watching them. I always sat down and looked at my small belly and I pretended that the rolls were made of fat (but even the thinnest girls have rolls when they sit down).
So about half a year ago my boyfriend and I noticed that we both like bellies but not the flat bellies that we both had.. We like chubby bellies and so we started to gain weight.
I have a super fast metabolism so every gram that I gain is a succes but right now my tights spread out of my hotpants, my belly doesn't really fit in the pants and I finally learned to eat though I'm repleted.. Hehe. So sometimes my bf and I spend day watching movies and eating tons of unhealthy food... It's amazing to have someone to encourage you to gain weight. :)
So yeah I just wanna gain a way more weight!
ChocolateCroissant ChocolateCroissant
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2014

just enjoy getting fat and if u want to get big enjoy

Keep it up and may you and your bf get fat! :)