The Goodbyes

Something I wrote on a really bad day.

Why would I say goodbye to someone I have pictured having in the rest of my life, the person that I cannot imagine tomorrow without them in it? Why would I want to say goodbye to someone that knows me better than I know myself? Why would I say goodbye to someone I need in my life?Why would I want to say goodbye to the man that I am so in love with?  Why would I want to say goodbye, knowing that I will no longer be complete?  Why would I want to say goodbye when I know there is no one else out there that I want to meet?  Why would I want to say goodbye to the man, whom no one else can compete with?  Maybe the question should be why would you want to say goodbye to the woman that loves you with all her heart?
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14 Responses Mar 19, 2011

LOL Stony!<br />
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YW Red.

These are aching questions, Fungirl. Questions that plague the bleeding red heart. I want to know why as well.<br />
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Thank you for the post.

Remmber what? Regrettably, nothing has ever happened between us. :)

LMBO. ok I don't remember. haha

In fact, you can't remember because it never happened. That is my story, and I'm sticking to it.

That wasn't what I meant. I respect you too much.

Yes I remember. i appreciate you as well.

Well, I hope that you know from way back that I hold you in high regard and have tremendous respect for you. You really are a Great Lady, and an extremely sexy Lady. That said, I'll buzz off. Sorry.


Just the facts Milady.

Awwww thanks.

You are an extraordinary lady. Most of us never connect meaningfully with anyone like you. I cannot think highly of a guy who did and did not appreciate you.

You are precious for saying that. i really appreciate it stony. It was a really bad day.

Indeed, why would anyone lucky enough to gain your love say goodbye?