My Partner, In The Hospital

Today I fear I'm loosing my lover, best friend, sugar mama, confidant, comrade and adventuring partner. She lays on the hospital bed as we speak. And I'm torn in two. One hates this and that's she's dying, or struggling to stay alive. The other is apathetic from living a life where I never see someone again and it's a perfectly normal occurrence to me. So whether it's me getting dumped, someone dying, or me moving to another country, the result's the same, I'll never see that person again.

Honestly, I wish I was in the car with her.
At least then I coulda grabbed the wheel, or something.
And if the crash woulda happened regardless, I bet it would been exactly the ****** up I'd need to be to easily let go of this harsh and cruel world.
killmenowplease killmenowplease
1 Response May 8, 2012

By the way, she died. It's been almost a year and I still can't get over her. My facebook page still says we're in a relationship.