Today I Understood How To Be A Real Man =j

Fear, everyone fears something, even Real Men, however a Real Man never shows it. Even if it's something that makes you **** ammo and you just want to hide under a blanket... you have to look like you're not afraid of anything, so the people around would feel inspired and secure beside you.
He needs to be willing to do whatever it takes to keep his girl, his family safe and happy. Also, he must not fear in making a decision, a Man does what is necessary. Even if it's the hardest decision or the most unpopular one.
A Man has fears, but isn't ruled by them.

I hope you liked my little story =j
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I really liked that... :)

No i didnt. That was the chittest story ive ever read...
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I have felt as you described that very same way and have only now realized that the man i am now was more then before. I had to accept who i was to live with who i am now, loved what you said. And thanks for best answer.

You're welcome and "come again" =D

Being a man is just being male. A sex is not an office, you don't owe anyone anything because of an accident of birth. Your individuality is what's important, not the kind of body you happen to have. We are not animals, we are intelligent creatures, capable of reasoning beyond mere survival. Society pushes this degrading garbage off on men so they can use them as labor and soldiers. Swallow your fear, be protective, tough it out, all that so they can take advantage of you, use you like a horse or a donkey.