She's Either Armed Or Crazy

When I was young, something terrible happened where I lived. I witnessed violence that my eyes will never forget. When it was over, I was still alive but something completely died in me. That thing was fear.

There could be a force 5 typhoon and I would go out and take a walk in it. Hotel signs, billboards and trash cans flying by...

There could be a car crash and I'd limp away on a broken high heel, lighting a cigarette. Unfazed.

I could stroll up the tracks of an oncoming train and casually step aside at the last minute, studying my fingernails.

I could turn down a street into a gang fight. Smirk at them. Walk by.

I could have a thug lord try to press me into his service. I would glance at the stack of money, the guys blocking the door. I'd shrug and say


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6 Responses Mar 10, 2009

same here a month ago a mugger tryd to mug me with a knife he had a big surprise when i took the tip of the knife in mij hand and then i was so angry that i hit him a fiuw times now he is in the hospital and now i am suwed for olmost killing him( sorry for my english i am from holland )

Hi Xiaomei;<br />
I envy them. I thank them. They must be so proud of you. Please try not to tax them so much in future.<br />

I just SMILE when ever I read anything you write. Your charm is greater then any malicious force. How could a mere force 5 typhoon dare to mess with your lovely hair?...DD

Don't encourage her!

Hi xiaomei,<br />
What protects you - if you do not mind me asking?<br />

You are as I was and still am.<br />
I have dodged death many many times in life... almost as if I were Blessed........ and I was.<br />
I should be on my 17th life now from my most recent birth.<br />
There is something about our type......... I wonder why I already knew this of you.