I Am Sure They Helped A Navy Officer Rape Me In 2000

I know this is gonna sound weird but I was doing the RSL girl in  a million quest and I was forced to go to a cocktail party when I was ill

leigh morris made me go ....

I think I met some royals on the ship but I can't be sure ... none of them were introduced to me

but the guy driving a van looked a bit like william and the guy who was very official in a sort of captains uniform looked a bit like andrew but once again I can't say for sure

leigh was giggling as if there was some in-house joke and I didn't get it anyway...then she started up a conversation on lumps and pumps and the promiscuity of the sailors etc. she was deliberately talking up dirty conversations
there is something weird about that ship HMS Melville ...

I think I was set up for months by the film group in 1999 and its like they wanted to get me raped by this ken carey character

to teach me a lesson... but I do not know why?

I had done nothing to the royals .... I actually had a nervous breakdown in 1997 after diana died and I realised someone had been reading my dream journals (I write my dreams out sometimes and try to decode the symbolic meanings been doing that for years) but someone had been reading my diary as  well.  in 1996 I said I liked prince william and I wrote briefly about my great uncle bill had done something to me that upset me and I had to force him off me and told him no .... and he made me pay for it.... but I think someone killed him in 1995 ... he had a blow to the head

then there was something weird about 1978 when werner died ... and this party we went to ... THe Unbirthday Party I was only 7 ...

there were these snobby plum mouth airline hostesses there and I think they had been plotting to abuse and rape me over me liking Bugsy as a child

I think its all linked. and they have wrongly accused me of either killing diana or something ... I never asked anyone to live out my dream journal or diary or even fantasies .... why would I?

I can't make people do things I have no witch craft skills and I know very little about wicca at all... but someone has been abusing me and trying to teach me lessons I don't need to learn ... I am not a murderer or pedo ...

I didn't shove batteries up kids butts or tie them up or murder grannies,,,, I didn't kill my little boyfriend ok I didn't drown him.... I am not a pedo just cuz I had little boyfriends as a child or touched and kissed them as a innocent act or game ,,,, I was only a little girl.

I don't know who these people think they are... but the way I see it the royals are not as royal as they make out anyway... their and off-cast lot of a more distinct royal line anyway.... its by default they are their at all.

I have never had a thing against the royals before I kind of put two and two together... I think this bunnypoeta character is known to william and he said he was gonna teach me a server lesson ... why? he never said. he sounded like a complete bloody idiot to me

he said that the next time I met william I would reckognise him... so that says to me I have met him but didn't know it at the time??? its all weird but I told Bunnypoeta not to bother ... and this person bunny just said "Oh well you played  and hahahaha"

what does that mean?

I needed help over the Qld police and govt covering up the pedo abuse Bill did to me and how bugsy covered it all up and got people to abuse me all these years the man is monster ...

maybe these royals go around murdering people ad hoc... maybe the rape and get many girls raped as some vendetta act?

maybe they like this abuse cycles and go around ruining peoples lives deliberately ...

I did not kill diana ... I didn't get her raped, I didn't make someone rape or murder her... or stalk her... I didn't not know who she was in 1977

it all started over me having a crush on bugsy and wanting to be a like cinderella and the fairy godmother in a book when I was like 6 or 7 this is so stupid and these people are trying to make out I got people murdered or forced them to suicide in 1978 or raped ??? I was only a 6 year old little girl who was being molested by my great uncle and the royals never cared about white children being abused ... they only cared about the black ones it appears.

why would william get me raped just because I liked them... or had a dream I wrote out ... it does not make any sense...

anyway i think they are all weird and abuse people for fun ...

I think a lot of these rich are satanic and evil ... up to no good.  they have a different agender than us small people shall we say... that they walk over and abuse ... are they just users trying to take down nice young women by getting them molested and abused ? raped or murdered?

are they opportunists just taking those in need further down as some kind of sick joke... >??
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the other weird thing is my name is catherine as well, and i met this girl who said she was my evil twin and needed to get into my head .... everywhere I went she turned up like a poltergeist and I never liked her .. she freaked me out...in 1999 and she bashed me and tried to run me over and was with rick.... who they thought they were like ricky but not.... and then rick said it was south american karma and he told me to go and get fat when i told him i liked him ... as if I was such a loser for being overweight ... like his attitude was that I should have lost weight earlier to get men.. and he was rude to me all the time kicking me and getting katy to bash me... who does this remind of you in the royals? <br />
<br />
and then joyce seemed to have a personal interest in getting me raped so nice men would not like me and then she said my fathers business had to fail ... <br />
she was a mental case ... then I wondered if she was related to these kate lot or my relatives .... she had unnatural vendetta towards me as if I had done something to her personally and I hadn't ...

I know the queen is into wicca ... did she get me raped? did she force these old buggers onto me as a child? what's her game anyway? <br />
<br />
something does not add up here.... if she is the one who keeps forcing old farts onto me n all these wrong types at me she deserves a smack in the mouth from ron or someone ... <br />
<br />
why would I want ron poacher over a young teen or guy my own age? and if they don't like me they could at least have allowed me to live my life and be thin and pretty and getting cuter cleverer guys .... who will like me when I am thin and pretty again. if they don't like me they could just stop violating and abusing me ... and allow me to have a something of quality in life rather than their BS... <br />
<br />
that goes for that spastic don and bowie too... they are stupid old people who need death. and ricky he is a nutcase ... all his stupid games always end up getting me further abused ... I don't want to know that spastic... or bunnypoeta and its obvious I would not want t know the old ones like andrew or charles etc.... they could have cared 30 years ago.

don hit me in the head with a cricket ball when i was only 6 first day of school.. it may have caused brain damage? bugsy was making fun of my genitals with these girls .. if he was police he should have taken a statement <br />
<br />
don hit me in head deliberately. he should pay! they should pay!

if they did this to me they are evil... maybe william had done this to be because he thinks I am spastic and ugly and wanted to teach me that lesson? <br />
<br />
I never knew that was him til later when he threw a water bomb at me<br />
or when he came to the house drunk (til years later and I was never introduced to them... they never told me who they were) ... if ricky got him drunk and left him past out on the door step he should have told me who it was... cuz I thought it was someone breaking into the house and we rang the police. <br />
<br />
how was I to know ?? <br />
<br />
I think he does this sort of thing to abuse girls he does not like as some kind of power game... and he gets people to help him .... to abuse nice women who are been abused in childhood or raped... he just abuses them further ... for fun. <br />
<br />
something does not add up here .. that is all I am going to say. <br />
<br />
I feel victimized that I have not been helped about the child sexual abuse or bill and the police cover ups ... and william has got joyce and relatives to abuse me for no reason ... and he just never listens ... they can't communicate properly that is the problem... <br />
<br />
they allowed the police to cover up Bill being murdered for a reason... they covered up things to protect the criminals not help the victims... why? william seen me as too ugly to help... just like how they did in 1977- 78 ... <br />
<br />
they are a unch of pedos... and satanic occult "pla<x>yers" <br />
diana was a liar and evil abusing kids not getting the facts straight <br />
<br />
all she cared about was power n money n men <br />
<br />
she took all my career dreams n jobs, she took all my guys I liked ... <br />
<br />
she was a 6itch backstabing satanic monster jeckle n hyde character <br />
<br />
she took me down a hundred times and believed lies ... wy wasn't the police bought in? why didn't they come n get a statement from me?<br />
<br />
why didnt i get a fair hearing? its all against the United nations acts ... <br />
<br />
I should be able to seek asylum and refuge from a nation that refuses me justice or rights over being sexually abused... and I should be entitled to financial compensation for all the years of torture diana and william have put on me... they deserve to pay for it now. especially if they got guys to throw things at me and abuse me ...they are the common criminals who should be jail ... the lowest of the low to get kids molested and raped ... <br />
<br />
I never gave tonya bills tablets in 1977 someone may have used them as a date rape drug to stop a person moving or having their conscious mind but it was not me... that is something an older person like a teen boy or man would do ...it was not me...<br />
<br />
I never made any man rape a woman for over 24 hours as ken did to me... its just so sick... too sick for words really... I never gave anyone a stroke.... if they did this to me then they should pay! ....