I Am Not Here As Your Play Thing.

Recently I have been very angry.

But instead of doing something stupid about the way some of my "friends" have been treating me, I decided to just stop talking to them.

Don't call me.

Don't text me.

If you happen to see me at the store, don't wave or look at me....just go away.

I de-friended these people off social sites we may of been friends on....

I cut off all forms of communication.

Now the reason why I've been isolating others is because of my eagerness to help everyone, especially past flames like my ex girlfriend Trish. She broke up with her bf at the time and needed a roommate. I felt as if i should at least help her out since we were cool at the time so I decided to move in.

That's was my first mistake. NEVER move in with someone you've previously shared a romantic experience with....at least for me.

Things were ok at first, I did my thing and she hers...but the time to go and pay bills she would end up being short...for the first time I didn't mind it because it happens to the best of us, but the next month I said hell no. I did some research. She is one of the many people who claim a disability to get SSI. But she can damn well go out and look for work and such.....she's may have schizophrenia but she's got a good head on her shoulders. She just lazy and get's a free check for sitting around and such. Her mom gave her a car so she didn't have to go through the pains of buying a car by SAVING her money like a responsible person. I have also realized that her mom helps her just about all the time. Trish is horrible with money and I took that into account.

Month two I saw this emotional side of her. Always complaining that she's not getting what she deserves, the doctors aren't giving her the care she needs. First off you deserve what you get.....so if you let things get worse, you deserve nothing but the worst. Get off your *** and do something about it. If you want more money, get out there and apply for jobs. Sitting at home playing rockband and watching king of the hill IS NOT HELPING YOUR CAUSE. Speaking of doctors, your mom get's free insurance for you, so be grateful for that. I don't have free medical insurance...so I have to remain strong and take care of myself in hard times. Besides that, I would always be out and she would complain that she would never get to spend time with me. I'm a busy man....and if you need something just call me. I'm a very social person. I have lots of friends all around the world. I have adapted to many hobbies and such to keep busy. I don't see why you can't do the same...OH WAIT....you have a horrible attitude and it's hard to go through your **** sometimes. That's probably why.....

Month three - I had to pay electricity. Shouldn't be too hard....but when I looked at the bill I had to pay 140 ish dollars.....I didn't approve of it. We started getting roaches and such all in the kitchen cus she didn't want to take the time to get her own roach spray/traps....so after all of that and her constant attitude I gave her 90 bucks and left.

So I moved back with my folks and just stopped talking to her period. No forms of communication. I was quite pissed....and I had every right to be. Sure I wasn't perfect either. Sometimes I didn't want to clean up or just play games all day but I"m doing my thing. You can't tell me I can't do these things. I am not your boyfriend. The sex was ok but I didn't move in for sex. I was being used and It took me two times to figure this out.

I should of said no in the beginning but hey...we all have to learn one hard lesson by doing it twice the wrong way. As long as you figure out what your doing wrong and not repeat it multiple times in life...

So yeah I had to re-evaluate all my friends...and a large portion of them are no longer in my life.

....and I am completely fine with it.

Your not there to be someone else's toy.

Be around people who respect you for you....and you can enjoy your time with them.

Take my example and use it to figure out who should remain close in your life.
NeoBatou NeoBatou
31-35, M
Nov 2, 2011