Even Our Friendship Was A Lie

I escaped the Mormon / LDS church because I could no longer deal ith the lies and deception that was being forced onto the members and unsuspecting potential new members. I was tired of lying to others about what I had been old to believe in, trying to make them join an organization that was built on lies and continued to spread those lies every chance they had.

I knew that my leaving the church would not be easy. I was going against my family and the Elders did everything they could to make me see the errors of my ways. More lies. More deception. They did everything they could to insure that I would stay as a loyal pawn in their game and contine to give both my time and money to the organization.

Spoke to a friend whom I thought understood me and maybe even shared some of my doubts. Although they claimed to be my friend since we had been in our early teens, I learned that he had befriended me because one of the Elders had requested it from him. Apparently I needed to have a friend like him by my side. All those years we spent together through Bible study and missions were nothing but more lies since he was never a friend but simply another blind member of the church doing what he had been told without asking any questions.

This is what the Mormon / LDS Church is all about. Lies! Lies about the origin of their faith, lies about Jesus, lies about the history, lies about who is rightous and worthy, lies about what a family means, and lies about who and what friends are.

All he was interested in was to bring me back into the church. I even suspect that his calling me was not his own idea but that of one of the Elders who did not like the idea of a former member having seen the church and its work for what it truly is. LIES meant to enslave people's minds and turn them into obeydiant drones.
ScottShaw ScottShaw
31-35, M
May 16, 2012