The County Clinic And The Free Market Myth

I was in treated by a private healthcare organization from the time I started working @ 16 till I became injured, and then ill at 40.  After bankruptcy (since having the lung capacity of an 87 year-old man and being on the heart trans-plant list did not qualify me for SS Disability), I started going to the county clinic.  You see and hear lots of horror stories about county clinics; I was terrified that I was going to grim, ugly, real version of "Saint Elswhere".  But I found that the doctors took more personal interest in me as a person, and instead of the doc spending 7 or 8 minutes with me (usually broken into 2  segments of 3 - 5 minutes), they spent the whole time with me until they had at least a preliminary diagnosis.  

I thanked them and asked why I was getting better treatment than I used to get with the private healthcare monopoly I had been with for many years.  All of them had previously been or were still working for said monopoly.  They said Federal Mandate for public healthcare required a MINIMUM 15 minute appointment per patient.  The monolopy, they informed me, had their doctors scheduled to see a patient every 10 minutes, and up to 5 "emergency" appointments per hour were allowed per their contracts.  The monoply's pay was decent, much more than an average newly graduated doctor with an average of $120,000 of student loans could afford to pass up; If they were fairly frugal, the monopoly paid them enough to pay off their education debt in 9 or 10 years.  Usually contracts were renewed every 3 years.  Most of the county docs had worked for the monopoly for 12 - 15 years before being able to work for a university or other small, private organizations, or luckily for me, public healthcare (which paid less).  Even the receptionists and front-desk bureaucrats were more knowledgeable AND helpful than those of the monopoly.

It behooves us all to realize that a capitalistic monopoly is little different in its functioning from a communist bureaucracy, neither are a "free market", and neither have a motive to help the people that they are supposed to be providing the service to; they only have motives of self interest. 

I look foward to being called an idiot, politically and/or economically naieve (at best), and getting general hate comments.  Thank you for you open-minded candor. *sarcasm*
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ps: Hoping your health improves for you :)

lol...I am extremely open minded, and understand the points you have raised.<br />
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You are not an idiot, nor naive. I agree that both systems (a capitalistic monoploy and a communist beauocracy) bear little resemblance to their alleged aim, which as you pointed out, is to actually help people. It's a sad indictment.<br />
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Warmest wishes to you :)