No More !!!!!

 Ok that's it I have had enough ..... no more ....No more dumbing down of our brain function , soon we wont have to think at all just be told by the creators of the global nanny state whats good for us and whats bad example.....

Label spotted today "suitable for vegetarians "  affixed to  ..........  a bottle of water !!!!!

A new pair of socks for running ,  theirs an " L " on the left sock and a " R " on the right !!!!

A packet of mixed nuts in a super market .... you guessed   " Contains Nuts "



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whats good for you is getting your **** the hell outta that ceiling fan

Sadly I agree G .....

Sadly I agree G .....

Sad to say, we (at least those of us living in the US) live in a culture where if it is not spelled out in small words, the maker can be sued for any damage. So if a kid allergic to nuts gets into the Planter's can and gets sick, Mommy could sue Planter's for liability.... and possibly win. Do I like it? NO! But that does not change that it is true.

A shared sense of humor worth its weight in gold .....

I have to admit I found this post funny rather than annoying but I get the point solar1 that "they" think we are fools.

Salute you sir thanks for your service ........from a grateful civvy

when I was in the service we had claymore mines that had "This side towards enemy"

Cb good to see a bit of wisdom being used .....

oh yah...i hear ya man...leaving high school i knew that college would be a mistake because i was already suspecting that it wouldn't be that different from high school...which fundamentally it's not...<br />
<br />
as a matter of fact by the end of high school i was pretty disillusioned with the idea of having a career...i just wanted to learn a trade or something and then continue going to tech schools or art schools afterward and learn new skills and switch jobs...rather than throwing money at a car or something i'd rather throw it at a tech school so i can pick up extra skills...i just want to enjoy my life...and my breaking away from the career path has actually brought a lot of stress into my life because my parents and my friends from high school (though not college) think i'm throwing my life away...<br />
<br />
my thing is that i realize that i'm smart and i feel like i have a lot to contribute to the world...but i still have a lot to learn and i fee like i haven't experienced much...i want to use my intellect to explore the people...get by with a bunch of odd jobs (though in today's economy that may very well be much easier said than done) the end of this journey i'll know what I want to contribute to this world and i'll know how i want to go about doing it....or at least that's the only kind of long-term plan that i have<br />
<br />
the short-term i'm keeping pretty open though i'd like to be able to find work after everything is said and done...<br />
<br />
if the economy crashes then plumbing might be somewhat of a life-long profession but that's not the initial plan...its just a decent paying break from the bullsh*t so i can clear my mind...understand the workings of the so-called "real world" better so i can make a more informed decision about my future...<br />
<br />
right now i just feel like i'm in i'm being forced to make decisions about my life (the entire remainder of my life) that i feel as though i'm not experienced enough to make...its like me going out for my plumbing license without ever actually trying my hand at plumbing...i've got to live life a bit before i start trying to decide a course for mine to go...<br />
<br />
if i'm being naive tell me...i'll listen but i sorta have my mind made up...

Here that LJ ..... oh how about the sign posted at the cliff side walk ...... sheer drop ..DOH :O)

Heh Champ ..... its ok ..... Look i don't know you but a word to the wise , plumbings good , but you have a brain full of education that you worked hard to get so have a good think son , doesn't have to be corporate ladder theirs a lot more out their , chip up don,t let them push you off a path you cant quite see yet ......<br />
<br />
And thanks for the comment ... credit to you ...

actually there's more...these same kids look at me like i'm effing retarded for choosing to be a plumber over say a vp at some corp but i am ideologically against such institutions...what they stand for...the pain that they have wrought both here and abroad...<br />
<br />
i'm so fed up with this world...i am just ******* tired...i really, really am...the stupidity...the false pretense...the lies...the condescension and pretension...all of it...and the way the hierarchy that is present in almost EVERY facet of our daily lives...its ripping my psyche is just absolutely ridiculous

oh yah...i hear ya out on this one BIG TIME...i posted somewhere in the "I Hate College" group about how idiotic most college students were...and I go to a pretty good school (UNC) and I don't want to make it sound as though I am smarter than everyone else here but what I'm trying to get across is that from talking to many other students here it becomes apparent that the appearance of knowledge almost always trumps actual knowledge...people here are dogmatic and career-oriented...and god forbid you try to have a serious conversation about ANYTHING people instantly get turned girl actually frowned at me and said "oh it sounds like you actually read books" it was a bad thing...<br />
<br />
its like the masses have an aversion to intellectual philosophical inquiry...or anything else of the sort...i'm actually dropping out after this semester to study plumbing at the local tech school my friend...if this is a microcosm of the "real world" then i'd rather be blue collar and deal with that **** than white collar having to put on all these fronts daily...and the idea of the office job absolutely repulses me<br />
<br />
wow this is just dissolving into a rant but in short i feel you completely...the retardation of the masses seems to be almost complete...a task undertaken with such care that most people aren't even aware of it..ugh