he keeps giving me excuses as to why he can't pay the bills. his mother is sick, but that has no impact on his bills. (my mom died last year & i work really hard to keep myself going. i have no sympathy for his excuses). he owes me over $1000.00 and he owes the rental company about $600 in back rent.

we were supposed to meet up tonight at 5 to discuss these issues (for the third time) but he's late. it's now 9:09pm.

his father even sent me a letter, pleading with me to let him out of the lease because i deserve a stable roommate and that my roommate has been going through so much lately. well, no ****. my roommate is 23 years old yet he can't handle this himself. naturally, i sent a reply letter describing everything along with details of my own troubles. two can play that game.

gardenbeauty gardenbeauty
26-30, F
Sep 19, 2012