I Just Want To Scream Right Now!

This dumbass thinks its alright to not clean up after himself. If you walk into my house right now, you would find his pot and pan dirty on the stove, his plates and utensils that he used dirty in the sink, and his **** all over the toilet. this is after he promised he would clean up after himself. that shows how unreliable that dumbass is. he even believes and tries to convince me that I don't clean up after myself. it wont work, but if he put that time and energy into his cleaning, him and I wont be in the situation I am now
NDR1987 NDR1987
26-30, M
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

ugh so disgusting.and they thought gay is wrong..apparently being not clean and sanitised are so the trend rite now.just UGH.