I don't hate her but she does get on my nerves sometimes. (I live in a university residence so she shares my same room)

Like I think I clearly stated on the roommate match-up form last year that I always go to bed before midnight... not after 2.

The most annoying thing about her though is that she is ALWAYS in the room, on her laptop, either "skyping" with her boyfriend, lurking facebook photos or playing this game with coloured ball things (Which she is doing right now, by the way). I don't think she's been to class for at least the past month.

I don't know, but seeing as I live at a university with my best friends living WITHIN A 10-SECOND WALK FROM THE ROOM DOOR, I don't see a need to sit on the computer in my dorm room from 9 in the morning until 2 the next morning. Seriously...

AND.. I swear she has this spray (or something) that smells like meat/fish. 

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

Wow, someone else gets it. I too was annoyed by my roommate. She was fine, but I never had any time to myself or quiet time. Sometimes I would pray she would get out of the room ONCE a week for more than 5 minutes!