Just Fed Up

With Everyone!!!!  Ok so I'm not perfect, but of course I dont claim to be either. No I dont have everything, but I do work to provide what I NEED. I have kids and yes they want things, but NEED nothing. 

I'm fed up with people wanting everything handed to them just because they want it. "OOO, I want this outfit, OOO I want some cigerattes,etc." YOUR not entitled to it just because SOMEONE else has the money to buy it.  I know a few people like this who actually grew up like this and yes I know once you have things given to you for so long its hard to break a habit. One of these females we shall call "F" had a baby we shall call "B" and she doesnt even take care of him everyone else does. F works part time. So props there, but then instead of buying diapers or something B needs F buys cigs for her or phone time or some other bullarky that she cant afford, and leaves it for other people or organizations to supply for B ALL THE TIME. IM FED UP.

Another girl we will call A has been claiming that once she moved "3months ago I might add" she would find a job. Been here that long, only put 1 application in anywhere and what do you know? Turns out now she is pregnant also. Now she isnt even trying to work and is expecting everyone around her to take care of her and the baby when its born. Including my bro (which he will do his fair share he's papa, but not all). She also grew up with mommy giving it all to her but preaches to F all the time about taking care of your own.  IM FED UP.

Now A and my bro live with me and my family. We have animals. They make messes, the people and animals. They dont like picking up after themselves. But they ,A and my bro, like to complain that they are tired of cleaning the house. When all they do is wake up and leave in the morning to go over to my mothers house for the day. Come home around supper time, eat, go to their room, and start the process over again in the morning. But, I am in the wrong to say something to either my mother or to them. "IF they are not here to make the mess, why should they have to help clean the mess up?" that is they response I get from them. And they have animals here also helping to tear up the house. A has also cut the floooring out of the bathroom just because the dog started tearing it up first.  I AM FED UP.

Now there is also my other bro we shall call R and his girl J and my nephew L. They all live with my aunt and cousin. I only get to see them when wrestling comes on television. then my bro will come over with my cousin and watch it and leave the moment its over. J has slept with our cousin and blamed it on her "medicine",( which I have seen the bottle and is only ibprophen ).I dont get to see L but once in a blue moon. and thats pushing it. The last time I saw him it took 2 hours for him just to take 1 piece of candy out of my hand and that was with R in the room. I cried the rest of the day when I went home. There is a story behind it. Just to make it short so you understand, we all use to live together when L was born and I was the one that took care of him the first 4months of his life. R says he wants to leave and take L with him and get away from J and all her lies and other stuff, but he scared. Scared that in the process he will lose his job and his son and go to jail. IM FED UP>

Now my mother. When A and my bro D (the one that knocked her up) goes away, my mom is all over me like nothing. IN a good way. She calls me, talks to me, wants me to come over and hang out, talk, drink coffee,etc.. Heck she even wants me to come over and drive her her around places, doctors appts, out to eat, anywhere she feels she wants to go to. The moment that A and D come back into town its A this and A that. All day and all night. A and I talk about it and she tells me "I dont want to do it, u can", I talk to my mom about it "I dont care who does it, as long as it gets done", I talk to them both together about it "It dont matter to me". So I take the keys and decide to drive guess what Its now ALL @##$@@##* 3 IN THE $@@$@#$%$&#^%# VEHICHLE.     


and in case you havent figured it out yet





any advice

calibchnn calibchnn
26-30, F
Apr 29, 2010