Where Do These People Come From?

Why is this party still able to get anyone elected under it's name anymore. Why do people refuse to see what the Republican party is?  I've never heard so much lying, so much made up rhetoric in all my life!  These people have no interest in America anymore.  They have sold us out long ago.  The Republican party is soley for business!  And business only!  Oh, and religion, their religion.  So if you're a Christian business owner and you got a little scratch, you might can get these jerks to roll out a little red carpet for you.  They have abandoned the middle class and everybody else under the middle class but still advertise the Republican brand as what we need to FIX the problems that we have.   Here's how I see it:  I see a party full of old, outdated thinkers.  A party that still pines for the good ole days and the good ole boy network!  A party that wants to run this country with it's religious bias towards abybody who doesn't jump on their bandwagon and who try to challenge them on it.  So much for separation of church and state.  Since Chuck Hagel has been nominated for Secretary of Defense, just the last couple of days, Lindsey Graham is about to crap his pants because he's just so upset!  Chuck Hagel just doesn't share his concerns over Israel and just isn't the kind of candidate the job needs.  Yes, Chuck Hagel probably will not rubber-stamp anymore run ups to war out in the Middle East for the Good Ole Boy network that always seems to be hanging out by the water fountain or in the stall next to you with their feet  up on the toilet.  It's never ending!  Well what about Israel, what about Israel.  Lindsey Graham can whip up some debate about that kind of thing yet where is he on anything else lately?   I don't want to see anything happen to people in Israel but I have to say, "what the hell does Israel do for the U.S.?".  What?  Anybody, anybody...Bueller?  Bueller?  We give them billions upon billions every year!  What do we get in return?  Dragged into their drama over and over again!  That's what.  The bottom line is it's all about religion!  They are gonna stick by Israel no matter what the country thinks about it and when it finally comes to pass we will be expected to again, serve up if you will, our sons and daughters to fight for that ideology.  It won't be sold that way of course but you mark my words.  This ideology has RULED this country for as long as I can remember and I'm sick of it.  Fake wars on Christmas and the like, I can see the true colors of this unit shinning through the shotty primer spray job they've attempted to hide themselves behind for so long.  It's just astonishing to watch and see.  That's the base of the Republican party.  Christians in this country are their biggest claim to power and it's dwiddling.   The Republican party hides behind the Christian faithful and depends on them exclusively to keep any of them in government.  They are crafty though...gotta give them that.  They accomplish this under the guise that they aren't promoting a religion so there's no conflict between the seperation between church and state, there's no conflict of interest here...we just happen to be all God fearing Christians, that's all it is.  Amazing, they still get away with it.  They know God like they know you!  They don't !!
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Not crazy about all things Democrat either but the Republicans? Come on man!