It's Time To Pull The Plug

I've struggled with alcohol addiction and I can say for a fact that the War on Drugs has done NOTHING to curb addiction.  So what has it done?  Let's explore some of the results.

First, it's estimated that close to HALF of the cancer patients in this country don't recieve enough pain meds because doctors are afraid they'll have to answer to some fascist mouthbreather with the DEA or local drug task force who has ZERO medical training.  One also has to fill out forms here in Wisconsin to purchase cold medication.  Medical marijuana was not made legal in spite of the fact that a super-majority of citizens in this state want it legal.  People's homes are invaded by SWAT teams on a tip given to them by crackheads, who no doubt have great stock tips as well.

We have jails full of users, who no doubt have an easier time getting drugs in jail then they did on the streets.  Marijuana remains illegal in spite of the fact that NO ONE has died from using it.  The War on Drugs has never been about saving anyone, it's been about giving people who think they should make decisions for the rest of us an income.

In order for this nation to continue to be free, we have to let people make bad, self-destructive decisions.  The War on Drugs is not about health or safety, it's about feeding the Leviathan that our legal syatem has become.  Pull the plug NOW.
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

I am so happy to have read your mind on these issues, you covered it well enough to be in every paper in America. Thank you!

It struck me how ridiculous it is in the US when I was visiting and ran out of my "over the counter in Canada" allergy medicine.<br />
<br />
"I'm sorry sir, yes we sell that but you need a prescription"<br />
<br />
What????? I thought he was kidding me. Apparently not.